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Reflecting on 2023 Jewellery Trends and what's next in 2024

woman wearing earring and rings
Delicate Collection - Earring adn Rings

Jewellery Trend 2024: As we head into the new year, we've been taking stock of what resonated with customers in 2023 and gaining insights that will influence our upcoming 2024 collections. Several key trends really stood out this past year.

Minimalism was a dominant force in 2023, with colorful gemstones, charms and bold chain link styles performing exceptionally well. There was tremendous enthusiasm for vivid blues, pinks and greens that channeled the playful aesthetic of 2023. Even we were surprised by the passionate customer response to these nostalgia-inspired designs. As we move into 2024, that retro spirit of fun and nostalgia will live on, but with modernized silhouettes and reimagined details that update the style for a new generation. While still drawing inspiration from trends of the past, we aim to put our own innovative spin on classic aesthetics to keep the looks fresh and on-trend for the year ahead. Nostalgia will remain a source muse, but the new season offers an opportunity to evolve the silhouettes just enough to ensure ongoing excitement and discovery in these beloved retro-influenced pieces.

Sustainability was top of mind for many, and we responded with a lab-grown gemstone collection that was a big hit. Consumers increasingly want eco options without compromising sparkle. For next year, we'll expand into more recycled precious metal lines.

Initial charms proved to be a favourite personalization device. In 2024, look for name/word charms as well as customized birthstone pieces tied to special dates. Sentimental styling clearly resonates as people embrace self-expression.

So in previewing our 2024 launches we'll channel these insights through an

inspired collection with updated silhouettes inspired by retro trends. A focus on personalization through customized birthstone and name jewellery continues. Plus an expansion of our lab-created and recycled material offerings to meet demand for conscience styles.

We're excited to transform the trends we've observed into new collections that are meaningful, sparkly and ahead of the curve. What styles are you hoping to see more of in the new year? Let us know!



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