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Product Description 


  • 925 Sterling Silver plated with 18K Rhodium

  • 5  round shape 0.30ct moissanite each, for other shapes stones,  can be custom made, please email us 

  • D Color / VVSI Moissanite Stone

  • Hypoallergenic, great for sensitive skins 

  • The fire of Moissanites is comparable to diamonds

  • Able to pass the diamond tester

  • For Custom made orders are longer and takes at least 30 days or more after confirmation with design.  Prices will vary depending on the materials choosen.

  • For other sizes and colors, please contact us for more information




Moissanite Collection


Moissanite is often mistaken as natural Diamonds, as the luster and shine is very similar to it. With its 9.25 hardness scale, compare to 10 of Diamonds, Moissanite is definitely a great gemstone choice with much more affordable prices. The colored sparked (“fire”) in Moissanite is even higher than natural Diamonds, giving the wearer a truly dazzling effect. From the naked eye, it is very difficult to distinguish the difference between our Moissanite and natural Diamonds.


We choose D/E Moissanites that can pass through Diamond test